The heart of the Troy7 family vision is to be a dynamic, growing aerospace engineering and analytic services company most admired for the technical depth of our people in their areas of expertise, our ethics and integrity, and the ability to anticipate and effectively solve our customers’ greatest challenges.


Troy7 is committed to effectively developing and delivering innovative, best value engineering and analytical services to our customers around the world.


  1. Selflessly collaborate to serve a common goal.
  2. Consistently deliver sophisticated, high quality products and services at a fair price.
  3. Uphold a deep sense of responsibility to each other, our customers, and society.
  4. Exceed customer and company expectation with every endeavor.
  5. Create and maintain a unique, leading edge business solution and approach.
  6. Operate with integrity, and always do the right thing.
  7. Trust is the currency of our company.