Position: Telemetry Systems Engineer 

Location: Huntsville, AL

Troy 7, Inc. is seeking an Engineer to provide support for commercial and government test range operations.  Position requires extensive travel to both U.S. and overseas locations.  Both full time and surge support positions are available.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Analyze customer requirements and design RF/telemetry systems to meet those requirements
  • Operate telemetry equipment including antenna control units, tracking receivers, decommutators, data recorders, and power systems
  • Support design, integration, and testing of telemetry systems and telemetry ground stations.
  • Conduct RF performance analyses including latency and throughput budgets, antenna patterns, radar cross-sections, and link margins.
  • Conduct mission planning to evaluate asset allocation and location, trajectory coverage, capabilities and limitations of existing assets and potential system upgrades
  • Perform troubleshooting to identify issues, analyze and interpret data and develop solutions
  • Configure systems for missions and perform pre-mission checkout of telemetry equipment
  • Operate equipment to measure, record, and analyze spectral composition and patterns of PCM/FM and SOQPSK telemetry to assess RF signal quality
  • Assist with post mission data products preparation

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering or related field
  • Experience working with RF and optical sensors, telemetry, and rocket / missile range safety  systems
  • Existing SECRET security clearance highly desired or ability to obtain security clearance

Desired Experience:

  • Background in rocket / missile systems or aerospace systems
  • Experience designing, configuring, and operating RF, telemetry, and range safety systems
  • Communication skills to document, develop and present technical data, issues, and proposed solutions
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