Telemetry Data Reduction & Analysis

Analyzing detailed simulated data to provide superior capability for the Warfighter.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • In-house Developed software solutions
    • Digitally processed IRIG 106 Chapter 10 files
    • Telemetry decoding to engineering units
    • Formats from major aerospace contractors
  • Data filtering (Kalman, Batch, Box, etc.)
  • Flight trajectory reconstruction
  • Data acquisition:
    • Ships, aircraft, ground stations, satellites, vans, handheld devices
  • Vehicle performance analysis (NASA, Army, Air Force, and Navy Vehicles)
  • Formats from all major contractors (PCM/FM, CCSDS, Chapter 10 Customization)
  • Mission Requirements Assessment and Verification
  • Unique process developed over years of change in the industry
  • Post mission T+4hr quick look report
  • T+4hr best estimate trajectory
  • Troy7 TM Fox tool suite